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Popular Choices
Be it delicious Lunch Combos which are filling yet light on the pocket, quick Snacks or a tangy Chaat, tempting Tandoori Treats baked in the clay oven, or complex Entrees prepared with a lot of love in our live kitchen, we have it all to satisfy every taste bud.
Fresh ingredients, an eye for quality, warm service and a sincere desire to please, ensure that our Guests keep coming back for more
Our Menu

Snacks & Chaats

Veg Samosa (1 Pc)                                     $2.00

A deep fried triangular flour pastry stuffed with potato, peas & spices

Choley Baturey                                       $10.00

Chickpeas cooked in an onion tomato masala, served with fried puff bread

Vada Pav                                                   $10.00

An Indian burger with a deep-fried potato patty with spices and chutney

Chicken 65                                                $12.00

A spicy deep fried chicken dish from South of India

Samosa Chaat                                         $10.00

Samosas finished with chickpeas, topped with chaat masala & chutneys

Alu Papri Chaat                                       $10.00

Lentil crackers topped with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt & chutneys

Dahi Bhalle                                               $10.00

Lentil donuts in sweetened yogurt with chaat masala, & chutneys

Bhel Puri                                                    $9.00

Potato & puffed rice mixture with coriander, spices & chutneys

Vegetarian Entrées

8 oz. / 16 oz.

all 16 oz curries served with 8 oz rice

Channa Pindi                                  $7.00/13.00

Chickpeas simmered in a savory blend of exotic spices, onions & cilantro

Paneer Tikka Masala                    $8.00/15.00

Indian cottage cheese cubes, cooked in a special tomato and yogurt sauce

Palak Paneer                                  $8.00/15.00

Soft paneer cubes simmered in a smooth, medium spicy spinach gravy

Veg Jalfrezi                                      $8.00/15.00

A mixed veggie dish stir fried with Indian spices and cooked on a high flame

Daal Makhni                                   $8.00/15.00

Whole Black Lentils slow simmered in an aromatic buttery, creamy sauce

Daal Tadka                                      $7.00/13.00

Yellow Lentils, garnished with tempering of garlic, heeng & cumin seeds

Veggie of the day                          $8.00/15.00

Chef’s Vegetarian dish of the day


Butter Naan                                               $3.00

Garlic Naan                                                $4.00

Cheese Naan                                              $5.00

Laccha Paratha                                         $4.00

Tandoori Roti                                             $3.00

Extra Batura                                              $5.00


Achari Paneer Tikka                              $15.00

Indian cottage cheese cubes marinated in pickled marinade, then grilled

Tandoori Murgh                                      $15.00

Bone-in chicken leg marinated in yogurt, spices & then grilled in the tandoor

Murgh Malai Kabab                               $17.00

Boneless chicken breast marinated in nuy Cream cheese & spices & grilled

Salmon Tikka                                           $20.00

Seasoned salmon fillet marinated in Indian spices & cooked in the tandoor

Machli Kali Mirch                                   $17.00

Tilapia Fillet marinated in Indian spices, fried & served with mint chutney

Tandoori Jhinga                                      $20.00

Choice shrimp marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices & grilled in the Tandoor

Non-Veg. Entrées

8 oz. / 16 oz.

all 16 oz curries served with 8 oz rice

Chicken Tikka Masala                  $8.50/16.00

Marinated chicken thigh grilled & then cooked in an onion tomato sauce

Murgh Handi Lazeez                    $8.50/16.00

Boneless Chicken cubes cooked in an onion, tomato & yogurt sauce

Chicken Dish of the day              $8.50/16.00

Chef ’s chicken dish of the day

Lamb Khorma                                $9.00/17.00

Diced lamb simmered in a rich gravy of onion, cashew nut, yogurt and spices

Lamb Rogan Josh                           $9.00/17.00

Tender braised lamb chunks cooked in a delicious tomato-based sauce of onions, ginger, garlic and aromatic spices


Lassi                                                             $3.50

Mango Lassi, Sweet Lassi, Rose Lassi

Masala Chai                                                $2.50

Soda Can                                                     $2.25

Soda Bottle/Thums Up                            $3.25

Bottled Water                                            $1.50

Family Meals

4 to 6 Fam Chicken Biryani Meal       $80.00

8 to 10 Fam Chicken Biryani Meal   $150.00

4 to 6 Fam Chkn Tikka Mas Meal      $85.00

8 to 10 Fam Chkn Tikka Mas Meal   $160.00

4 to 6 Fam Paneer Tikka Mas Meal   $80.00

8 to10 Fam Pnr Tikka Mas Meal      $150.00

4 to 6 Fam Palak Paneer Meal          $80.00

8 to 10 Fam Palak Paneer Meal       $150.00

4 to 6 Family Vegan Meal                    $70.00

8 to 10 Family Vegan Meal                $130.00


served with 8 oz of rice

Malai Kofta                                               $15.00

Deep fried paneer & vegetable dumplings in creamy sauce with cashews & spices

Murgh Chettinad                                    $16.00

Chicken simmered in a coconut sauce with Chettinad spices

Vindaloo (Chicken/Lamb)         $16.00/17.00

A spicy marinated chicken or lamb dish served with diced potatoes

Saagwala (Chicken/Lamb)        $16.00/17.00

Chicken or lamb pieces cooked in a creamy spinach sauce with Indian spices

Kadhai (Chicken/Lamb)            $16.00/17.00

Chicken or lamb cooked in a spicy masala, onions, bell peppers & tomatoes

Lamb Sukha                                          $18.00

Boneless lamb chunks marinated in Indian spices, cooked in a thick dry sauce

Machli Hara Masala                           $18.00

Fresh salmon marinated in spices & cooked with cilantro, mint and spices

Sarson Macchi                                    $16.00

A favorite of Bengal, Tilapia cooked in a mustard flavored gravy with spices

Jhinga Masala                                     $18.00
Shrimp sautéed with special spices & cooked in onion & tomato sauce

Chicken Chaap                                   $17.00
By pre-order only. 10 orders min

Biryani & Rice

Murgh Biryani                                     $16.00

Special long grained basmati rice cooked with tender bone-in chicken & spices in layers and served with raita

Gosht Biryani                                      $17.50

Special long grained basmati rice cooked with tender boneless lamb chunks and spices in layers and served with raita

White Rice (8oz /16oz)                  $1.50 / 3.00

Long grained Basmati Rice


Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)                                 $4.00

Rasmalai (2 pcs)                                        $4.00

“The flavors are great. The food comes quickly. This may become your new favorite quick Bellevue lunch spot…..”
“To give you an idea of the kind of spice/food I like, I am from Mumbai and like spicy and masaledar food!. One of the best indian food I have had in US”
“One of the best Indian food on the east side. Their curries are authentic and very flavorful. “
“My new favorite Indian restaurant! They have great deals for lunch and the sauces are amazing!”
“Cafe Bollywood is a very welcome addition to DT Bellevue and open late nights till 12AM everyday and till 2 AM on Fridays & Saturdays”
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